Hand Sanitizer

60mL Hand Sanitizer Sprays

These pocket-size Hand Sanitizer Spray Bottles are 60mL volume, making them perfect for personal use. Use individual spray bottles to provide your employees or customers with quick and convenient method to keep their hands sanitized on the go. The clear bottles hold 60mL of liquid hand sanitizer (80% Ethyl Alcohol) with mist sprayer for easy application on skin and surfaces to help kill harmful germs and bacteria.

Includes custom printing on the bottle labels with your logo / branding. Estimated turnaround time: 7 days from payment.

1L Hand Sanitizer Refills

Refill your Motion Activated Dispenser with premium Hand Sanitizer Liquid made with 80% Food-Grade Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol). Neutral smell and premium ingredients help keep customers and employees safe and healthy by encouraging good hand hygiene.