Hand Sanitizer Stations

Branded Hand Sanitizer Stations provide a custom, professional display with motion-activated dispensers and signage all-in-one. Whether you have one location or many, we have easy to use hand sanitizer dispensers that can be placed where you need them and customized to your specifications.

Choose the solution that works for you!

Make an impact and promote good hand hygiene by delivering hand sanitizer through a motion-activated dispenser for an easy, touchless solution. Choose from a variety stand options and sizes to suit your location. Available in 6-foot, 5-foot and our kid-friendly 4-foot stand heights, as well as a wall-mounted option – all customizable with your logo.

Durable and easy to maintain.

Place your Hand Sanitizer Stations in strategic high-touch locations for high-impact display while taking up minimal floor space.

  • Savings: Dispenses the right amount of hand sanitizer
  • Construction: Commercial-quality, aluminum composite stands
  • Exterior Display: Two large display panels, custom-branded and durable material
  • Interior: Storage for 8 sanitizer refill bottles
  • Flexibility: Easily works with your existing dispensers
  • Placement: Position where you need it or bolt to your floor for permanent placement

Easy to Refill & Handy Storage Compartment

HS 6 – Hand Sanitizer Station

Custom Hand Sanitizer Stations provide a professional 6-foot display with dispenser and signage all-in-one to easily meet the required placement of hand sanitizer within your store or business. Providing proper hand sanitizer stations is required to ensure your business can offer hand hygiene to all visitors, customers and employees to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

HS 5 – Hand Sanitizer Station

The HS 5 is our medium size Hand Sanitizer Station, offering a 5-foot tall stand with built-in hand sanitizer dispenser for an easy, all-in-one unit to deliver hand sanitizer within your store or business. Proper hand sanitizer stations for all visitors, customers and employees are required to encourage hand hygiene and ensure your business is helping prevent the spread of COVID-19.

HS 4 – Kid-Friendly Hand Sanitizer Station

Specifically designed in a shorter height for wheelchair accessibility and so children can easily use the motion-activated, touchless hand sanitizer dispenser to sanitize their hands and practice good hand hygiene helping prevent the spread of COVID-19. Perfect for schools, daycares, paediatrics, children’s stores and more. Customize your Station with your own graphics and messaging.

WALL – Hand Sanitizer Station

Our WALL Hand Sanitizer Station is perfect for high-impact display in a wall-mounted unit. This touchless hand sanitizer dispenser provides easy hand sanitizing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Measuring 20 inches tall, the WALL Station is customizable with your own graphics and messaging.


Hand Sanitizer
Weight Dimensions
(H x W x D)
(with Dispenser)
Stand Only
(without Dispenser)
HS 6 60 lbs 72” x 18” x 18” $985 ea $685 ea
HS 5 45 lbs 60” x 12” x 15” $899 ea $599 ea
HS 4 35 lbs 48” x 12” x 12” $849 ea $549 ea
WALL 25 lbs 20” x 6” x 6” $539 ea $239 ea

Shipping based on delivery location.