COVID-19 Signage
Physical Distancing & Motion Activated Hand Sanitizing Displays

Setting up hand sanitizer stations and physical distancing measures are important to protect your employees and customers and help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Meet government guidelines with proper hand hygiene and physical distancing signs designed to minimize risks within your workplace. Whether you have one location or many, we have easy to use, motion activated hand sanitizer dispensers that can be placed where you need them and customized to your specifications. Easy to follow physical distancing floor decals are available now to make visiting your location stress-free and safe.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Professional 6' tall display unit combines hand sanitizer dispenser and customizable signage in an all-in-one floor stand. Choose from fully-customizable graphics or our standard quick-ship option.

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60mL Hand Sanitizer Sprays

Pocket-size bottles hold 60mL of liquid hand sanitizer (80% Ethyl Alcohol) with mist sprayer for easy application on skin. Includes custom printing on the bottle labels with your logo / branding.

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750mL Hand Sanitizer Refills

Refill your dispensers with these 750mL bottles of liquid hand sanitizer. Made with premium ingredients (80% Food-Grade Ethyl Alcohol) and neutral smelling. Sold in cases of 12 bottles.

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Custom Store Program for a Complete Retail Solution

Work with our team to develop a custom roll out of your store program to encourage physical distancing in your stores. The Custom Store Program is built with professional signage and display units that are designed to meet your unique brand guidelines and physical distancing requirements.

Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in your Business

The latest physical distancing guidelines require businesses to: 

  • Provide hand sanitizer for employees and visitors to use upon entry
  • Use floor markings to ensure everyone remains 6 feet or 2 metres apart.
  • Indicate the desired direction of people flow with durable floor markings
  • Reduce person to person contact with physical distancing barriers, such as acrylic or plexiglass barriers
  • Limit how many people are in an enclosed space

Easy Retail Solutions to Encourage Physical Distancing

As a business owner, ensuring a safe and healthy in-store or office environment is essential. Your employees and customers expect your business to follow the protocols and guidelines put in place by local governments for COVID-19 prevention. Equip your company and employees with a stress-free environment that encourages physical distancing and frequent use of hand sanitizer. 

Commercial-Quality Signage & Professional Displays

Our lineup of products are designed specifically to meet the new COVID-19 requirements in place for businesses and stores open to the public. Easily and quickly outfit your locations with professional signage and display units for commercial spaces. Choose from standard graphics or all of our displays can be customized to print your brand colours. Ask our team about help with design and custom solutions to fit in your space to maintain a professional look and optimal experience for your customers.